Health Habit is Valley Springs’ complete health food store featuring “green” gourmet products including organic produce, groceries, meats, dairy, herbs, bulk foods, cosmetics, vitamins and more.
Welcome to Health Habit
This Friday, September 12, from 10-2, Health Habit is sponsoring several company representatives who will be displaying a variety of their products along with FREE samples and their EXPERT advice about what ails you and what products may be of benefit. It is also a chance to get FREE samples of many of our fine grocery products from our 2 food distributors. We will also have several raffles of gift baskets and other fine items. Remember, Friday from 1 to 2. You may the WINNER.
Did You Know
The Delicious Living tab in the upper left part of most of our web site pages has a complete digital copy of the most recent issue of Delicious Living magazine as well as lots of past issues. Specific pages or even the whole magazine is printable if you want copies of articles. Check it out.
On Sale This Month
For the entire month of September, 2014, all Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals products are 30% OFF their regular store price and all Irwin Naturals and Garden of Life products are discounted 25%. Whether you buy just one, or want a year’s supply for everyone you know, there is no limit. So check it out. It’s a great deal you shouldn’t pass up. Click the links for more information or just come in the store and get some great deals on high quality products.
Frozen Yogurt
Those of you who love frozen yogurt as I do will have notices the difficulties we have been having with one of our machines. We have had it serviced several times, but the problems are elusive and several. Currently parts are on order and we will be trying again soon. In the meanwhile we are trying to offer the best choice and variety that we can with only one machine and two flavors. We hope to have vanilla and chocolate available at all times when both machines are running, but for now, sorry...
Join Our Healthy Rewards Program
For information on joining our Healthy Rewards program ask any clerk at the store. For every $100 you spend you get a $5 certificate good on any future purchase.
Valley Springs’ Other Grocery Store
Many people think they can’t afford to shop in a health food store. Think Again! Many of our grocery, produce, dairy and frozen items are priced LESS than the local super market for identical or comparable items. Check us out for that quick half gallon of milk or whatever you forgot and need in a hurry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So it only makes sense for you to buy all your natural groceries, vitamins and other health products at Health Habit  and let us help you …
Make Good Health Your Best Habit.

Irwin Naturals at 25% OFF
All Irwin Naturals products are on sale at 25% off the regular price. Click here to see the full selection.

25% Discount
September, 2014
Planetary Herbals at 30% OFF
All Planetary Herbals products in the store are 30% off all month. This is the time to stock up on all of Planetary Herbals fine products. No limit. Just click here to see the full selection. Some items are not stocked and must be special ordered.

Super Savings all Month
September, 2014
September (cont.)
Source Naturals at 30% OFF
All Source Naturals products in the store are 30% off all month. This is the time to stock up on any of the fine products made by Source Naturals. No limit. Click here to see the complete list of products. Items not normally stocked will be special ordered upon request.

Super Savings all Month
September, 2014
Garden of Life
All Garden of Life products are on sale at 25% discount through September 30, 2014. What a deal on great products. View the entire product line here.

25% OFF
September 2014
Featured Stories
Be the Boss of Your Metabolism
Be the Boss of Your Metabolism

Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals in Plastics Linked to Asthma Risk in Kids
Exposure in the womb to household chemicals known as phthalates might increase a child's future risk of developing asthma, Columbia University researchers reported in a new study.
Yes, a Paleo Raspberry & Honey Chocolate Torte
This cake is a wonderful option for a healthier version of what is traditionally considered a "guilty pleasure." Some sweet tooths might find it lacks the sweet intensity that refined sugar provides; we found this to be a plus, as you don't enter into a sweet coma after indulging.
Health Tip: Know Your Risk for Anemia
Anemia occurs when the blood lacks enough red blood cells, often due to poor diet or disease.
Traffic Pollution Linked to Higher Levels of Obesity Hormone
Older people exposed to high levels of black carbon -- the fine particle air pollution from traffic -- may have increased levels of leptin, a hormone linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, a new study suggests.
The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids
Some parents may make things worse for their anxious kids by falling into what researchers call the "protection trap" -- reassuring them, lavishing them with attention or making the threat go away, according to the results of a small study.
Health Habit Health Tips
It's not milk: it's nut milk
Looking for a healthy milk alternative? Nut milks made from almonds, filberts, cashews, and even sunflower seeds are full of enzymes. Almond milk, for example, contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, and zinc. Pick some up at your health food store.

Health Habit, Your Green Gourmet Store
Health Habit is Valley Springs’ complete health food store featuring “green” gourmet products including organic produce, groceries, meats, dairy, herbs, bulk foods, cosmetics, vitamins and more. We carry many national brands including Solaray, Source Naturals, Country Life, Barleans, Renew Life, KAL, New Chapter, Natural Factors, Health Aid, Boiron, Planetary Herbals, Iron Tek, Biochem, Nature’s Life, Jarrow and Nature’s Plus among many others. We offer a buying club, health assessments, a health calculator, healthy recipes and coupons plus much more.

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